Lost & Found: Missing Virginia Dog Reunited With Family

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At 55 pounds, and playful as can be, 8-month-old pup Scarlett might seem hard to miss. But just days ago, the mixed rescue counted among the missing.

It began last Thursday, in Burke, Virginia. A routine vet visit ended in panic, after Scarlett darted away from her owner and into the road.

She was hit by a car; she was hurt but alive, but then she bolted. That led to a frantic search: the owner, the vet techs, the driver, some bystanders. Up and down that road they went, back and forth. No Scarlett.

After that, an impassioned poster: lost dog, don’t chase, injured, hit by car. On social media an explosion of posts from total strangers on the lookout for missing Scarlett.

Thursday night, no Scarlett.

Friday, nothing.

Not until Saturday afternoon did someone finally see Scarlett. That someone, 11-year-old Benny Morris, who spotted the dog in a park, hiding in a bush.

"I'm glad just I could help them find their dog," said Morris.

"They were like 'Oh my gosh, it's Scarlett!'" he said of the moment the family got her back. "'I can't believe, she's okay!'"

Scarlett now is home and happy. Her owner didn’t want to go on camera to talk about this misadventure but was more than willing to talk about the return of this cute little dog who almost broke her heart.

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