Local Leads: 9/8/10

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Gov. Bob McDonnell is expected to announce today that his proposal to get Virginia out of the liquor business could generate a one-time windfall for roads of more than $450 million and prove more profitable than the state's 76-year-old monopoly on spirits. An overview of the plan, which the administration is circulating within the alcoholic-beverages industry, envisions that taxes on private liquor sales -- including a new 4 percent levy on mixed drinks first reported Friday by the Richmond Times-Dispatch -- annually could produce approximately $250 million, exceeding the $231 million Virginia now collects in taxes and profits.
(Richmond Times Dispatch)  

Baltimore and Washington, D.C., motorists have been placed on a list of the nation's worst drivers, something that may not surprise those who use Route 50 and the two cities' beltways. (The Capital
Washington ranks as the 15th-most stressful city among the nation’s 50 largest metros in a stress ranking from Portfolio.com. Portfolio.com based its rankings on 10 factors it says could be measured objectively. Those factors include unemployment, change in income, the number of residents living below the poverty level, the amount of sunshine, the ozone level, robbery and murder rates, mortgage affordability, commute times, population and the number of deaths from circulatory system-related diseases.
( Washington Business Journal
Underwater grasses in the Potomac River -- which are critical to the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries -- are rebounding thanks to restoration efforts that are cutting pollution, a new study finds.  How much has the water quality improved? (wtop.com)

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