Local Effort Wants to Stop Hunger Around the World

Over 1,000 people in Virginia gathered to put together 100,000 meals for starving children around the world.

Grace Community Church embarked on its fifth partnership with Stop Hunger Now, an international crisis relief organization, and invited the Arlington, Virginia, community to come out and help stop hunger around the globe.

News4’s Derrick Ward said the Thomas Jefferson Community Center Gym may not look like it, but it serves as a church for people who want to be known for the deeds.

“So what we told people was instead of coming to hear a sermon at a traditional service, come and be the sermon,” said John Slye, a pastor with the Grace Community Church.

Ward said for many, grains are, at most, a side dish, But simple packets of non-perishables are bound for places in this world, where rice and grains are luxuries, life sustainers, and more.

"Most of those meals will go to schools in an area of the world where maybe a parent might not send a child to school because there is so much to do. But because they know that school has a good, nutritious meal, they'll send the child to school. In addition to getting the meal, they'll get an education," said Slye.

Ward said there are lessons for the young people at the church. People made the event a family affair.

"Honestly, for us, it just means we get to pass on the stuff that made a difference in our lives when were kids,” said volunteer Josh Chapman. “Stuff that was passed onto us, taking care of people in our community. "

Ward said the sense of community includes countries in crisis, physically far from Arlington. The food will boxed and shipped to where it is needed most.

"When people are hungry, desperate things take place,” said Slye. “So we figure if we can take care of people’s hunger, a practical need, maybe less of the desperate stuff that's taking place in this world will happen"

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