Kitten Trapped in Car's Engine Compartment

Firefighters Took Apart Car to Rescue Kitten

A kitty that was stuck in a car’s engine compartment needed a little help from the Chillum-Adelphi and Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Departments.

Chillum-Adelphi Volunteer firefighters found the kitty stuck in the front of the car. They worked to get the kitten loose, and they called in a Berwyn Heights squad to assist.

During the rescue, a veterinarian was consulted, and on his advice, oxygen was administered to the trapped feline. Part of the front of the car was dismantled and the kitten was rescued.

The kitty was taken to Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital, where she was pronounced in good condition with minor scrapes and a burn on her rump. The car was put back together with no parts left over.

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