Judge Suspended for Deflating Tire

Judge retaliated for a car parked in his space

Five days without pay. That’s the punishment handed down by Maryland’s highest court Wednesday to a judge who admitted letting the air out of a tire of a car, according to the Associated Press.

Charles County Circuit Judge Robert Nalley explained his reason for the outburst: The car was parked in a spot reserved for him at the LaPlata, Md., courthouse.

The victim of the tire deflating was Jean Washington, a cleaning worker at the courthouse. Nalley claims he did not know who owned the car.

Five days after the Aug. 10 tire deflating, Nalley stepped down as chief administrative judge.  However, he’s remained on the bench handling civil cases.

Nalley pleaded guilty in October to tampering with a vehicle.  He was fined $500 and ordered to write a letter of apology to Washington.

The Maryland court of Appeals has ordered Nalley to complete his suspension within 30 days, according to the AP.

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