‘I Was Floored': Kindergartner's Salute to Flag Caught on Camera

A few weeks ago, Mike Satterthwaithe stepped outside of his home with his 5-year-old son and discovered his newly hung American flag had been ripped out of its mount.

"The flag was laying down on the front steps and he saw that and he was upset," Satterthwaithe said. "It was touching the ground and we had taught him that it can’t touch the ground."

On Sept. 6, Satterthwaithe installed a new Ring doorbell camera to find the culprit and re-hung his flag the next day.

Instead of catching the criminal, however, Satterthwaithe caught a much more heartwarming sight.

A video recorded by his Ring doorbell shows his son, 5-year-old Preston, standing in front of the flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance when his dad wasn't looking.

"I was putting his bike away in the garage and I turned around and he wasn’t there," Satterthwaithe said. "I started screaming for him and he came running back."

It wasn't until several hours later that Satterthwaithe saw on the Ring video where Preston had gone.

"That's why you hear him say, 'I'm coming, I'm coming,'" Satterthwaithe said.

The Chantilly, Virginia, resident said he had no idea his son had even learned the Pledge of Allegiance.

"I was floored," Satterthwaithe said. "The thoughtfulness of him to go and do that on his own is pretty cool."

For Satterthwaithe, the cute moment shows his son took lessons from his parents to heart.

"We’ve taught him the significance of America and why people want to move here and our freedoms and he wanted to learn about that," Satterthwaithe said. "It's a pretty neat little moment."

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