Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine Campaigning With Hillary Clinton

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in his home state.

Kaine -- who is believed to be in the running to be Clinton's pick for vice president --appeared with Clinton Thursday afternoon in Annandale, Virginia.

The mild-mannered career politician criticized Donald Trump.

"Do you want a trash-talker president? Or a bridge-builder president?," Kaine said.

He also used Trump's words about women, Muslims and Latinos as an indictment.

"What will be remembered about the failed candidacy of Donald Trump is, 'You're fired' and maybe one other phrase: Trump U," Kaine said.

The event was held at Northern Virginia Community College.


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Clinton took advantage of the setting to roll out her new plan to make debt-free college available to everyone. She also talked about immigration reform with the path to citizenship.

"She was very clear about infrastructure and education in schools, dealing with student debt, having a strong country so we can be a strong foreign player," said Helen Manich, an Alexandria resident.

Some Clinton supporters at the event said they believe Kaine has the knowledge, experience and temperment for the job.

"I think he inspires trust, human decency. We know what he has done all his life and I think he's truly a good model," Fairfax County resident Michael Kwan said.

"You want somebody that's steady, that's been there, that's bonafide. Do you want to take a chance with anybody else? This is as steady as it gets," said Vernon Wellstead, who is from Flint Hill, Virginia.

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