Good Samaritans Rewarded With Pizza From Police

Three Arlington County Residents Helped Prevent an Attack

Three good Samaritans in Arlington got an unusual thank you from police: a large cheese pizza.

Back in August, two of them were waiting outside for their pizza delivery when they heard a woman being attacked. They jumped into action, chasing down and tackling the suspect, and holding him until the police arrived, while a third friend comforted the woman.

Police applauded them for their brave actions -- but it turns out they missed their delivery.

To thank them, Arlington County Police delivered not only plaques commemorating their heroic night, but also a pizza.

“We felt good; it felt good to do that, but for them to deliver the pizza to us means a lot,” said Brandon Pingry, one of the good Samaritans.

Deputy Chief Daniel Murray said these sort of good deeds warm his heart. “It’s just another example of why we’re so successful," he said, "because of the support we have in the community.”

As for the suspect, he’s still in jail awaiting trial.

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