Glover Park Strip Club JP's Evicted Less Than a Year After Reopening

A highly-contested strip club in Northwest's Glover Park neighborhood has shut its doors permanently due to eviction.

News4's Pat Collins reported the club's owners had fallen behind in rent payments, resulting in their ultimate eviction. Thursday afternoon, a row of lockers and a handful of chairs were left outside the club. 

The club was gutted by a fire in January 2008 and didn't reopen until June 2013, despite protests from Glover Park residents.

“It was clear they were going to fail from the get-go," Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Jackie Blumenthal said. "They had inflated ideas about what they could turn that space into in our little neighborhood, which doesn’t really have much of a market for two new dancing clubs.” 

JP's was different than the rest of D.C.'s strip clubs because it had private dancing rooms and table top dances -- the owner of the club told News4 last year the club's unique layout was legal because the rooms didn't have doors, and were "alcoves" permitted under D.C. law.

Another strip club, Good Guys, is across the street from JP's former space on Wisconsin Avenue. 

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