Ghana Man Arrested in Dulles Heroin Pipeline Investigation

Man a supervisor with airport security in accra

Federal investigators say an international crime syndicate has been conspiring to push heroin through Dulles airport.

The Drug Enforcement Agency announced they've worked with other federal agencies to arrest a Ghana man who they say has been instrumental in that drug pipeline.

Edmund Darkwah, an airport security supervisor at the Kokota International Airport in Ghana, was taken into custody by law enforcement in Ghana for the investigation.

U.S. investigators say Darkwah took $2,000 bribes to let heroin-carrying couriers slip through security at his Ghanan airport.  The DEA says the couriers received $15,000 to smuggle quantities of heroin into the United States, often hidden in carry-on luggage or in wigs.

Darkwah faces charges on heroin distribution and conspiracy to import heroin, which carry maximum sentences of life in prison.  Four others arrested in the investigation have already been extradited from Ghana to the United States.

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