Furry Fury in Virginia

Virginia officials crack down on a different type of immigrant

Virginia is for lovers, not vermin.

The Commonwealth isn’t so thrilled about Washington’s plans to "relocate" some wild animals and critters pulled from homes in the District. It’s not the relocation that has Virginia officials so upset; it’s where the animals may end up: Virginia.

“We really see no reason for them to bring these animals here,” Robert Ellis, deputy director of Virginia’s Bureau of Wildlife Resources, told the Washington Examiner. “We have our own nuisance animals, more than we can handle.”

The potential border battle centers on legislation introduced by D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh. The bill limits the tools wildlife officials can use to kill pests and other unwanted critters. That often requires the wildlife managers to move the animals to safer ground, outside of the city.

It’s not clear if and when the D.C. Council will vote on the bill. 

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