Former FBI Agent Charged After Incident at CIA's Gate

A former FBI agent has been charged with impeding a police officer -- and also has been accused of a series of violent threats against CIA officers at the main gate of the agency's highly-secured Virginia headquarters last week.

The Alexandria woman was an FBI agent from 2004 to 2010, according to court records and friends. On Friday, she embarked on a bizarre trip that led her from the secretive, highly-secured headquarters of the National Security Agency in Maryland to the CIA in Langley, Virginia, according to court records obtained by News4.

An affidavit filed by CIA investigators said Tunisia Davis drove to the main gate of CIA headquarters Thursday afternoon and drove past an officer who tried to stop her.

A second officer, court records show, had to physically stand in front of Davis’ vehicle to stop her.

She was taken into custody. Shortly after, CIA investigators said, she reached toward an officer’s firearm.

She denied trying to reach the gun, according to court records. But an investigator said Davis later threatened to shoot the CIA officers and to bomb the agency.

Earlier in the day, Davis also tried to get access to the National Security Agency, CIA investigators said in their affidavit. Those investigators said Davis told NSA police “she wanted to know what they would do if she showed up.”


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Court records indicate Davis was denied entry at the NSA. Those records said Davis told NSA officers about plans to test the security at the CIA. NSA officers issued a “be on the lookout” to order police after their encounter with Davis, according to the court affidavit.

Davis was placed in the custody of U.S. Marshals and was scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation at the Alexandria city jail, according to court filings. Davis is scheduled to appear in federal court in Alexandria Tuesday afternoon.

Her defense attorney declined to comment. The NSA and FBI did not respond to requests for comment. 

Derek Delgadillo, who said he’s a friend and former roommate of Davis, said Davis has posted a number of videos of herself on her Facebook page. In those videos, reviewed by News4, Davis protests the federal government and references her work with the FBI.

A similar Facebook page, titled “MahoganyChange," also features videos of Davis. Court records said Davis used the name “Mahogany” while being questioned by CIA officers.

Two of those videos posted at “MahoganyChange” appear to have been posted in the hours before police said she arrived at the CIA main gate Thursday. One of those videos was recorded through the dashboard of a car, as the driver navigated Washington, D.C. streets.

Delgadillo said, “She’s a nice person. She’s one of the people I met in this country who wants to fight for what is right.” He said Davis also talked about her frustration with law enforcement.

Delgadillo said he served a landlord to Davis. He said Davis notified him in April that she would be moving from her Alexandria apartment by April 30. Davis was arrested April 30, according to court records.

In court filings, CIA investigators said, ‘“She informed officers she wanted to die of police brutality.. which is one of the reasons she came to the CIA.”

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