Ford's Theatre Expansion Creates “Campus” In Downtown D.C.

Ford's Theatre is expanding with a new education and leadership center that focuses on the philosophy of the 16th president.

Abraham Lincoln still has much to teach the leaders of tomorrow, and he'll be able to do that on 10th and E streets in Northwest.

Historic Ford's Theatre is expanding to a row house across the street from the current theater and museum -- the place where Lincoln was assassinated. The education and leadership center will include new exhibit space for artifacts and lectures on leadership, while exploring the latest scholarship of one of the most dramatic moments in American history.

"It's an incredible story," said Richard Norton Smith, a presidential scholar and a lead consultant on the expansion. "For an institution based on narrative storytelling, this story trumps anything that is ever likely to appear on that stage -- for sheer drama, controversy and continuing interest."

Construction begins in July. The new center is expected to open in 2012.

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