For Sale: The Names of Virginia's Rest Stops

If you've ever wanted to have your name, or the name of your company on the sign for a rest stop, Virginia has an opportunity for you.

The Commonwealth is selling the naming rights to its 42 rest stops and welcome centers.

The plan is designed to help cover the annual operating and maintenance costs, which top $20 million a year.

This latest cost-cutting measure comes after a Former Governor Tim Kaine closed 19 rest stops back in 2009.  Current Governor Bob McDonnell reopened those about eight months later and pledged to find other ways to save money.

There's also a proposal on the table that would have some inmates performing maintenance and groundskeeping at some of the rest stops.

Several other states -- including New Jersey and Illinois -- are looking into similar sponsorship initiatives, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Reuters reported.

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