First Dog Steals the Show


Last week NBC got a lot of exclusive access to the Obama White House for a couple of special reports.

There were lots of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the daily life of the Obamas and their staff, showing the American people how the White House works and how democracy is set in motion.

Whatever.  Bring on the puppy.

First up, Bo acts like a normal dog by sitting still and giving his paw to the president. But while it looks all cute and innocent, check out the mind games he's playing with the leader of the free world. Yeah, that's right. Bo is making President Obama growl and act the fool.

While the first family is busy making burger runs and planting gardens, Bo has been working out and sharpening his fighting skills. Here's Bo showing off some of the Secret Service moves he picked up from the White House guards. Take that, fuzzy NBC microphone!

And finally we have a short clip of the technique Bo uses to tie up the president with his leash ... you know, just in case:

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