Fauquier County School Group Urging Online Schooling After Supporting In-Person Plan

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Fauquier County public schools plan to offer in-person schooling two days per week for families who choose to send their students. However, the Fauquier Education Association is now asking school leaders go completely online after endorsing the announced plan.

In a letter written to the school board and superintendent, the FEA asked that only virtual education be offered in the fall, aligning with the plans of the rest of the school districts in Northern Virginia.

"We don’t need our county to be first because we don’t want to be the first ones to lose anybody," said the association's President Lauren Bill in a video.

The education association conducted a new survey of its members as coronavirus cases are on the rise and some of the largest school districts in the state move solely online.

When members were asked if they support the in-person, blended learning plan, 65% responded "no". As for favoring the board reconsidering a completely virtual plan, 89% said "yes".

The school board is being briefed Monday on the details of the current reopening plan.

“We plan to proceed with our current reopening plan. One that gives families a choice of a blended learning model and a 100% virtual option,” a spokesperson for the board told News4.


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Bill said the school board was shocked to hear about the association's change of heart.

"We want to make sure people do not die on our watch," Bill said.

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