Family of Maryland Hit-and-Run Victim Believes He Was Targeted

The family of a Maryland man critically injured in a hit-and-run earlier this month believes the victim was targeted.

Melvin Pineda, 28, was struck by a car after getting out of a car in front of his family’s home in Adelphi. He was in intensive care for four days and remains hospitalized about two weeks later with multiple fractures and his mouth wired shut.

“When I see that video of my brother, I can't believe he's still alive,” Concepcion Pineda said.

His sister said security video convinced her it wasn’t an accident.

“Somebody did this intentionally to hurt my brother, and, yeah, they did hurt him,” she said.

Video shows her brother getting out of his vehicle and being struck by another vehicle. He was thrown into the air and landed several feet away, and the striking vehicle never stopped.

His girlfriend ran to help him, followed by his family.

“When my dad went to him, he wasn't breathing,” his sister said. “My dad said he wasn't breathing.”

She believes her neighbor's security video shows the striking vehicle following her brother very slowly with its lights off.

“You can see the car was following him, but it turned its lights off,” she said.

She said her brother doesn't know why or who would target him.

“We want these people to be found, and they need to pay for what they did,” she said. “It can't be left like this, and I’m just hoping the police is going to do something about it.”

Prince George’s County police said they have a police report and the case is under investigation.

The family said Melvin Pineda worked two jobs but will be out of work while he recovers. They are raising money to help with his extensive health care costs.

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