Family of 102-Year-Old D.C. Woman Hopes for Reserved Parking Spot

The family of a 102-year-old woman is hoping the D.C. Department of Transportation will provide them a handicapped parking spot outside their home, to ease traveling.

Lucille bought her Petworth home as a widow in 1964, where she raised seven children without government assistance.

"She worked two jobs,  went to school at night and provided for her children," her 71-year-old son John Just-Buddy said.

Now, Lucille's family is hoping to care for her in the same way she provided for them. Her family has a handicapped parking permit, though they want to get a permanent spot outside of the home to help transport Lucille.

"If we don't have a parking space, which most of the time we don't, we put her in a wheelchair at the bottom of the steps and roll her to wherever the easiest point to enter the vehicle," Just-Buddy said.

Others in the neighborhood are able to get designated spots because they own their cars -- Lucille relies on her family to help her around.

"It would be much more easier if we had easy access by being able to park outside the house," Just-Buddy explained.

D.C. Department of Transportation officials told News4 they are "looking for a common-sense solution." 

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