Fairfax Co. School Buses Delayed Due to Mechanical Issues

About 160 school buses in Fairfax County experienced mechanical issues Friday morning, meaning many students had to wait longer for a bus, catch another ride to school or walk in the bitter cold.

According to the school system, Friday's frigid temperatures are to blame.

"Most of the problems that we have been having are dead batteries, over-cranking, trying to get the bus started, but really it's just the severe cold," said Jeff Platenberg with Fairfax County Public Schools Transportation Services.

A "start-up" crew did go out Thursday night and test the buses, but the deep freeze set in Friday morning.

Parents were advised to take precaution to make sure their children were not left waiting outside for the bus to arrive. 

"Mechanics, transportation supervisors, and drivers are working to the best of their ability to get the buses running and on time," a statement on the school system's website reads.

Fairfax County schools have been closed all week because of Martin Luther King Day on Monday and inclement weather the rest of the week. Schools in the county were on a 2-hour delay Friday.

Some of the buses that had problems Friday morning were returned to service, but others will require a larger fix.

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