ER Nurse, EMT Save Fan Suffering Heart Attack at Nats Park

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John and Rhonda Clements of Wisconsin were in town June 11 to see their Milwaukee Brewers take on the Washington Nationals when the real heroes of the day proved to be two strangers.

“I heard a noise coming from John, and it sounded like a guttural in the throat noise, and I was like, What the heck is going on?” Rhonda Clements said. “And then I looked, and he was turning blue.”

The Clements were sitting in the front row of section 209 when John suffered a heart attack. He thought he was going to die.

“It was painful,” he said. “Lot of tears afterward thinking about it. A lot of things I wanted to tell my family back here, like, my brothers and my sisters. Look them in the eyes and say, Hey, I love you, man.”

Jamie Jill, an Arlington County EMT, and Lindy Prevatt, an emergency room nurse, were sitting in different sections when they saw something was wrong and jumped into action.

“He looked blue in the face, and I asked if he had a pulse, and nobody could really tell me,” Prevatt said.

“She asked for an AED,” Jill said. “She did about two minutes of compressions. Then I took over, started doing compressions.”

“And then meanwhile, in the background, I can see the game going on, and I’m like, This is just unbelievable,” Rhonda Clements said.

The final score of the game that day was Nats 8, Brewers 6, but John Clements was the real winner.

“You can say I’m glad it happened there and those two guardians were there to revive me,” he said.

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