DMV Email Service Will Remind You to Pay Parking Tickets

The only thing worse than getting a parking ticket is forgetting you have a parking ticket and ending up with an added late fee.

The D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles wants to help you avoid such a cruel fate.

The DMV's email Ticket Alert Service helps you stay on top of your ticket (or multiple tickets, for the unfortunate among us) by sending you real-time notifications on any status change on a ticket attached to your driver's license.

The service sends you an update:

  • When a new ticket is issued
  • When a payment is applied
  • Before you are no longer eligible for a hearing
  • Before late penalties are applied
  • Before a ticket is assigned to collections
  • About special DMV programs/announcements

In order to create an account, you must have had one ticket on your driver's license or vehicle tags in the past 18 months. Each account can have up to four vehicle tags and one driver's license.

Once you are logged in, you can view any images associated with a ticket, as well as its history. You can also see payment and hearing scheduling functions.

With a Ticket Alert Service account, you may finally be able to banish your parking demons once and for all.

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