Did Van Driver Disguised as Car Seat Break the Law?

A van cruising through Arlington, Virginia, looked like it had no one in the driver's seat. Then, News4's Adam Tuss got close up and saw the driver was dressed in a face-covering costume designed to look just like the car seat.

Is that legal? Tuss reports that it is.

In Virginia, D.C. and Maryland, the testing of self-driving cars is allowed as long as a person is able to take control of the vehicle if something goes wrong.

"Everything that was going on with this van yesterday and over the last couple of days was perfectly fine," Tuss said on News4.

Can someone legally drive with a mask on, even if they can see out?

Virginia law does not specifically bar wearing something that covers your face as you drive.

State law does prohibit anyone age 16 or older from wearing a mask in public with the intent to conceal one's identity. The law has a few exceptions, including when someone wears a Halloween costume or attends a masquerade ball.

To watch and read the full story of the "half car seat, half man," go here.

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