Muriel Bowser

DC Wants to Tax Uber, Lyft to Fund Metro

Uber's CEO says riders would wind up paying for the extra cost

You may have to pay more for your Uber or Lyft rides if the District approves a tax on ride-sharing companies.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi met face-to-face Wednesday with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser about a proposal that would generate millions of dollars for Metro.

The tax on ride-share companies is part of a major plan to provide a new revenue stream for the troubled transit system.

"That is how we are supporting what Metro needs and what the region needs,” Bowser said at a press event Wednesday.

Khosrowshahi has agreed with a plan to fund mass transit and Metro, but he said that any tax on Uber would ultimately funnel down to the customer.

"To the extent that the tax gets passed, it will be a part of the price and it will increase the price of Uber,” Khosrowshahi told News4.

"I think we have a pretty fair proposal on the table,” Bowser said.


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The ride-sharing tax is just part of D.C.'s proposal and the city sales tax, hotel tax and commercial property taxes could also increase.

Bowser is expected to sign the bill on Friday.

Social media users reacted swiftly to the proposal, @Ningbadabing tweeted, "Metro issues should be fixed instead of punishing riders for finding alternatives," while @drewackermann said, "Uber, like every entity that benefits from Metro, should have to pay its share to keep Metro running."

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