Robbers Loot House of God

While parishioners in the front were worshiping, a pair of men were in the back of the church robbing.

Police said two teenagers robbed the Christ is Lord Ministry in Woodbridge while church was in service on Sunday morning.

According to Prince William police, Stephen Ernest Wing Jr., 19, of Dumfries, and Andrew Phillip Conteh, 18, of Lorton, conspired together to steal the collection.  They snuck in through a back door, prosecutors said, and entered a back room, where cash that had been collected during the service was being counted.

The two men had guns, police said, which they used to hold four church volunteers against their will.  They took money parishioner's had given to do God's work and ran away.

Officers were able to identify the robbery suspects quickly, and arrested both at their homes.

Wing and Conteh have both been charged with abduction and use of a firearm to commit a felony.  Both are being held without bail.

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