DC Region's Largest Brood of Cicadas to Emerge This Year

Millions of cicadas in the D.C. area's Brood X set to come out of the ground around mid- to late May

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The D.C. region’s largest brood of cicadas will emerge this year.

The Baltimore Sun reported last week that scientists are rejoicing over the once-every-17-years event.

Millions of cicadas are likely to rise from the ground around mid- to late May. The insects will stick around for two to four weeks.

The cicadas will breed and leave behind the next generation. It will surface in 2038.

The winged singers are part of a group called Brood X or Brood Ten. They will be hard to miss because their calls can approach 100 decibels. That's the same intensity of a lawn mower.


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“This is like having a National Geographic special in your backyard,” said Mike Raupp, an entomology professor at the University of Maryland.

The last time Brood X made its appearance was in 2004. The cicadas started to appear in the area May 11. The bugs rise once soil reaches 64 degrees. They are often triggered by a warm rain.

These cicadas don't bite or sting, according to Pest World. You could even eat them if you like, Raupp says — but don't let your pets overindulge.

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