Parents Claim Slurs, Curses Shouted at Little League Players

Boonsboro Police responded to a call for a 50-person fight at Maryland Little League game last week, the Herald-Mail reported.

Police arrived on the scene at Sharpsburg, where seven and eight-year-old players from the Sharpsburg and West End Little League teams were finishing up a tournament game on August 2.

The exact number of fans involved in the fracas was unclear.  Washington County Sheriff's department told the paper that they received a call for the same incident, claiming a 20-person fight.

According the Herald-Mail, arguments over the officiating had brought tempers to a boil, and parents said pushing, shoving, and insults followed.

One parent from the West End team, Nichole Valentine, told the paper that after she complained loudly about the umpires, fans of the opposing team circled her vehicle and hurled insults at her.

Valentine and other parents also claimed that a fan from Sharpsburg had yelled a "derogatory term for homosexuals" at the West End players.  One parent claimed a fan also shouted a racial epithet towards the preteen players.

A Maryland State trooper also responded to the scene, however, no arrests were reported.

Sharpsburg won the game, 13-9.

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