Lawyer: Let Aruba Suspect Go Home


An attorney for Gary Giordano, the man detained in Aruba for the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, says there is no "hard proof" to keep him in custody.

"Consideration must also be taken in the realm of human rights," Michael Lopez, Giordano's attorney, wrote in a statement released to the media Sunday, "which we feel are being abused in the area of his detention."

Prosecutors in Aruba had announced their intention to extend Giordano's detention, although he has not been formally charged with a crime there.  He is being held in connection with the August 2 disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

Giordano's attorney wants prosecutors to let him go back to his home in Gaithersburg, saying, "the client who resides in the United States can always be extradited back to Aruba in case any legal proof shows up."

Under Aruban law, which is based on the Dutch legal system, a judge can extend the next detention order for a maximum of eight days at a hearing scheduled for this Monday. After that period, prosecutors could ask a judge to order Giordano held for as long as 60 days while they prepare a case, but that would require more substantial evidence. Charges would be filed at the end of the 60 days if prosecutors take the case to court.

New details emerged this weekend about Giordano's past dealings with ex-girlfriends. 

In an interview with the AP, a former acquaintance said Giordano would go to great lengths to monitor her movements while they dated.  Jeanette Farago, a former neighbor, told the AP that Giordano would spy on her, and then text details of her outfits to prove that he was watching her.  Farago also said he checked her email to make sure she was not seeing other people, and he demanded photographs to prove she was not lying about where she was going when she went out.

Farago told the AP that Giordano had gone so far as to dress as a deer and watch her from the woods.

Gary Giordano told authorities that he and Robyn Gardner became separated while snorkeling together off a rocky coastline in Aruba.  The FBI is currently assisting Aruban police with the investigation.

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