Electrocution Death in Takoma Park

Montgomery County Fire officials are investigating an electrocution death in Takoma Park.

Authorities say that Orlando Hernandez, 48, of Hyattsville, was electrocuted to death.

The accident happened on Saturday around 9 a.m. on the 7400 block of Jackson Avenue.

Hernandez, a day laborer, was hired by homeowners to trim a tree located on their property. After trimming the tree and removing some pieces of wood, police say Hernandez then tried to take down the ladder that was being used.

While doing this, police say a portion from the ladder made contact with a power line charged with 7620 volts. Hernandez was electrocuted and engulfed in flames.

Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene but were unable to go near Hernandez since both he and the surrounding area was still being charged by the power line. Authorities called Pepco to have them shut down the power feed in the area.

Contact with the electricity was finally broken after a portion of the ladder melted away. Fire and Rescue were then able to put out the fire. By then it was too late however. Hernandez immediately died from his injuries.

His body was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore for further examination and autopsy.

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