D.C. Considers Consolidating Parking Enforcement Under One Agency

The D.C. Council considered Wednesday a proposal that would create a new agency to deal with the problem of confusing and inconsistent parking signs around the city.

Whether it’s confusing or incorrect signs, not enough signs, or just trying to fight a parking or photo-enforced ticket, which can take months, district leaders say part of the problem is too many agencies have jurisdiction over parking and don’t always communicate well with each other.

Council member Mary Cheh proposed creating a parking agency that would be in charge of all things parking related.

“Now we divide it among three agencies,” she said. “That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.”

Several groups and individuals spoke out against the plan Wednesday.

“Parking in the first place is always going to be contentious no matter how you rearrange the agency responsibilities,” said DDOT contractor and former D.C. Council candidate Bill Rice. He added, ”I don't think combining it into one agency is going to solve it.”

The actual legislation could change over time, Cheh said, but the effort to make it easier to fight a ticket is being fast-tracked.

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