D.C. Voters Receive Inaccurate Registration Cards

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The D.C. Board of Elections sent out voter registration cards earlier this week with the incorrect date for the district’s primary election. 

The mailer misstated that the primary date is June 16, when the correct date is Tuesday, June 2. 

The incorrect registration cards listed primary election days as the third Tuesday in June, which was the law until last year. The DC Council moved the date to the first Tuesday of June for 2020. 

"The purpose of the communication was to provide the voter with their voter registration card," the Board of Elections said in a statement. "Unfortunately, it included outdated information about the June Primary Election date. We regret the error and will correct it in all future communications."

A spokesperson for the board said that 5,000 mailers were sent out last week with the wrong information, and they believe that more had been sent out over the last few months. 

The Board of Elections did not realize the mistake had been made until they were contacted by news sources on Thursday, the spokesperson said. 

The Board of Elections said that they never changed the template for the voter registration cards after the council changed the law. 

New registration cards with the correct information are being ordered, but people who were recently registered will not receive their voter registration cards in four to six weeks as promised. 

There is no estimate on how long it will take but the spokesperson says this will not impact anyone’s ability to vote in June.

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