Dozens Evacuated After Roof Collapse at Manassas Apartments

Sixty-seven people had to be evacuated from an apartment building in Manassas early Sunday when roofs collapsed after this weekend's heavy snow.

Prince William fire and rescue crews were called to the scene in the 10900 block of Coverstone Drive at about 12:25 a.m. Sunday. They found one roof had partially collapsed and other was showing signs of collapsing. 

Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin McGee said, “Roof collapses occur during extreme weather. In this incident, it was due to the weight of the snow. Prior to a collapse, the building will display warning signs, residents should look and listen for those signs.”

The cause of the collapse appears to be the recent snowfall of approximately 28 inches of snowfall during the last 36 hours. Building officials are on the scene to make the actual determination.

No one was hurt, said Assistant Chief Matt Smolsky.

People who were evacuated were given temporary shelter at the Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire Department and will be helped by the Red Cross, Inside NoVa reported.

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