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Construction, Cleaning Companies Have Jobs to Fill in DC Area

This shortage of workers is expected to increase after President Joe Biden signed an infrastructure bill into law in November.

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Attention job seekers: Plenty of jobs in construction, cleaning and storage are available in the D.C. area, companies told Telemundo 44.

A worker shortage is expected to increase in the months to come as many employees retire or find other work. Some construction companies are offering incentives to retain workers.

Company owners said a worker shortage has resulted in delays to the completion of projects.

This is the case for Sofía Hernández, who works at a company that supplies employees to D.C. businesses. Hernández said she has seen some companies she’s worked with close down or lose contracts.

"There is a lot of work. Each day there’s more demand but fewer employees to work with,” Hernández said.

The president of the D.C. business Green Construction Services, Humberto Garcés, said that close to 30% of positions in his company are vacant.

“If the government does not take prompt action, there will be chaos in construction in different sectors,” Garcés said.


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A worker shortage is expected to increase after President Joe Biden passed an infrastructure bill in November with $600 million in investments.

Hernández said he believes that in light of the worker shortage, a new plan must be made to keep up with demand for new infrastructure, such as hiring workers from other countries.

Here's How to Apply If You're Looking for Work

For information on how to apply to a job via WorkBridge, call 240-517-5567.

For information on how to apply to a job via Green Construction Services, call 202-912-0840.

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