Congress Next Reality TV Stars?

Fake TV show wanted to create real laws

Because the egos of politicians aren't big enough already, why not give them their own reality TV show?

An idea was thrown around Capitol Hill recently, according to The Hill, that would have let teams of young people draft legislation for whatever the heck they wanted, then let the public vote on their favorite, and then have real, live lawmakers introduce it in Congress. Or Ryan Seacrest.

Apparently a few of the lawmakers approached by TV producer Gabe Gentry, who would have called the show "Agents of Change," actually thought this was a good idea, like Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.). The Hill continues the story:

Carson was initially intrigued by the show and sent Gentry a letter in April stating that he appreciated “being selected as a participant in the upcoming PBS civic engagement project ‘Agents of Change.’ ”

... the April 2 letter suggests the lawmaker was eager to participate in what he called a “landmark endeavor.”

The letter states, “I look forward to working with you, your staff, and other Agents of Change participants to craft legislative proposals that reflect the core ideals of the American public and advance our society towards a more promising future.”

Reality TV makes for a promising future! Sign us up!

A few government watchdogs, however, don't agree with the rosy outlook on life provided by the boob tube. One called it "wholly inappropriate" and said it would "undermine the credibility of the institution," yadda yadda yadda. And now it looks like the idea has dug an early grave in the TV show graveyard.

Fine, ruin our nation's hope of using reality TV for good rather than evil.

At least we have The Real World...

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