Conflicting Information in Beating, Robbery of Maryland Delegate Darren Swain

A police report released Monday conflicts with some of the details from charging documents available Friday in the alleged beating and robbery of a Maryland delegate from Prince George’s County.

The incident report confirms some of what witnesses told News4 happened at a Largo condominium about 3 a.m. Sept. 1 when Delegate Darren Swain was beaten and robbed, his car stolen.

“He didn’t have a shirt on,” one witness said. “His lip was busted and he looked real disoriented.”

The report taken by the first officer on the scene confirms Swain was found with no shirt and a bloody lip. Swain told police he had just been carjacked by three unknown people.

On Friday, Swain told News4 he was not hurt, but neighbors showed where the delegate had been bleeding in the hallway. Blood was still splattered on the mailbox.

News4 found conflicts between the charging document and the incident report.

In the charging document, Swain told police he picked the men up at an unknown Exxon after they told him they needed a ride. In the incident report, he picked them up at a McDonald’s in Kentland.

The charging document says Swain asked to use the bathroom “against his better judgment” and was attacked inside the apartment, but in the incident report he says he was attacked in the hallway.

Keion Naylor, 19, is in jail facing a number of charges in connection to the case.

The delegate’s car with his delegate tags has been recovered.

“There has to be respect for laws and for property and all of that good stuff, and if we get more people in our communities to realize that and to embrace that concept, then we will have less incidents like this,” Swain said.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation tell News4 there are conflicts because Swain changed his story. Swain told News4 he explained what happened to police to his best recollection.

Police are looking for two more suspects.

Naylor has a hearing at the end of the month.

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