College Park: Big Brother, Protect Us!

City wants to add more than 100 additional crime cameras

College Park is hoping the state of Maryland will help it keep an eye on crime.

It's pushing for $2.5 million in stimulus money -- funds that could pay for 123 new closed-circuit cameras in the city.

Sixty-five of the devices would be license plate readers, which could help police identify stolen cars.

In February, a University of Maryland camera helped crack a rape case. It took pictures of a black SUV on Baltimore Avenue. The image led to a suspect and an arrest, police said.

However, not everyone thinks the additional crime cameras are a good idea.

"Even though we can just say, 'Well, this is a great crime deterrent,' it's also an erosion of our civil liberties," said Mary Cook, a member of the College Park City Council.

If the city does receive the money, the new cameras could be installed by this time next year.

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