Cloudy Dishwasher Glasses: Your Feedback, Suggestions

Responses to a common consumer problem

Here are some responses we received from viewers related to the “cloudy glasses” dishwasher problem popping up across the area (Watch the video above):

“Yes! Spots on glasses! It is so embarrassing when you pull one out and company looks at it like, yuck.”
-- Michelle, South Maryland

“I saw your segment and couldn’t believe that others were having this same issue. I thought it was just us, and thought it was our dishwasher.”

  • Tries different combinations and likes Finish Gel Pacs. 
  • Then adds white vinegar to the dispenser where you would normally put Jet Dry additive.

-- Karen, Reston, Va.

Great luck using Finish Powerballs and/or Finish Tabs.
-- @MJonesStudio (Twitter Friend) & Randy in Smithburg, Md.

Adds a product made from lemons called Lemi–Shine. Helps tremendously.
-- Sadie, WV & John, WV

Switched to phosphate-free dishwasher detergents on their own, and have great luck with Palmolive Eco and Seventh Generation Concentrated Pacs.
-- Christine, Lynda & Andrea

Uses Kirkland brand detergent but added Clorox bleach to each wash cycle. Glasses and dishes come out clean and clear.
-- Stephanie

Uses detergent in the open cup of her dishwasher, and then adds 2 tablespoons of 20-Mule-Team-Borax in the closed cup.
-- Joan, WV

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