Chevy Dealer in Chevy Chase Switches to Nissan

Iconic dealership cites weak demand for American cars

An iconic Chevrolet dealer in Chevy Chase, Md. is switching from American cars to Japanese imports.

Chevy Chase Chevrolet on Wisconsin Avenue has decided to end its relationship with General Motors due to weak demand. Instead, it will start selling Nissans.

"You make changes to meet the economy and to meet the desires of your client base, and that's really all we're doing," said Sam Weaver, a partner in Chevy Chase Cars, which also owns Chevy Chase Acura. "Chevrolet makes a world-class product, unfortunately our customer base is not that thrilled with it."

Chevy Chase Chevrolet opened in 1939 while FDR was in the White House.

The dealership will no longer honor GM warranties.

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