Cheh: AG Told Witnesses to Skip Fire Truck Donation Deposition

WASHINGTON -- Remember this dead horse? It's taking another beating.

Two key players in the donation of a D.C. fire truck and ambulance to a Dominican resort town didn't show for D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh's deposition.

Attorney General Peter Nickles told Property Disposition Specialist for the Office of Contracting and Procurement Robin Booth and Deputy Fire Chief Ronald Gill not to show, according to Cheh.

"There is no legal basis for keeping these witnesses from the Council and refusing to comply with legal subpoenas," Cheh said. "I am disappointed by the continued lack of cooperation from the attorney general and baffled as to why he repeatedly throws obstacles in the path of legitimate Council oversight. Meanwhile, we will continue our investigation as best we can and decide whether to enlist the courts to enforce our subpoena."

Lawyers in Mayor Adrian Fenty's office requested the D.C. Office of Contracting Procurement's special rule that allowed the city to donate the surplus supplies to Peaceoholics so that anti-youth violence organization could donate the vehicles -- originally worth $340,000 -- to the town of Sosua.

Nickles has said the donation was not improper, but he canceled it and ordered the vehicles returned to D.C.

Cheh and Councilman Phil Mendelson repeatedly have inquired about the donation.

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