Man Finds Cannonball in Georgetown Townhouse

A military bomb team was called to a Georgetown home Wednesday afternoon to analyze what looked to be a decades-old cannonball found in a chimney.

The resident discovered the cannonball during a chimney sweep several weeks ago and had kept it as a memento on his desk, until Wednesday, when a phycisist friend of his suggested he contact police.

Police were called to the scene and determined the cannonball was in fact full of gunpowder. They called the fire department which then called a military bomb team.

The cannonball was packed into a metal tube and taken to Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

"The houses here date back forever, even though the house might have been reconstructed the chimneys might have remained," a neighbor said. 

No one was injured.

Cambridge Place reopened around 6:30 p.m.

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