Bud Light Turns Clip of Nats Fan Who ‘Saved' Beers Into Ad

"Not all heroes wear capes. Or gloves," the ad showing Jeff Adams says

What to Know

  • Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams became a kind of hero after holding on to two beers as a World Series ball hit him in Game 5.
  • Bud Light flew him to Houston for Game 6 and Game 7 and made him a special "Always Save the Beers" shirt.
  • A Bud Light ad showing Adams' famous moment aired during Game 6.

The Washington Nationals fan who held on to two beers as a World Series ball flew toward him in Game 5 now has his own Bud Light ad.

The beer company ran a nationally televised commercial during Game 6 Tuesday night showing the moment that went viral.

The 15-second ad on the brand's YouTube page begins with slow, contemplative piano music. Footage shows Nationals Park and a ball sailing toward the stands.

"Not all heroes wear capes," text on the screen says.

The ball smacks Nats fan Jeff Adams in the torso but the tall, blue can of Bud Light he grips in each hand stays safe.

We see the moment of impact again, closer up. Then, Adams raises the ball. 

"Or gloves," text on the screen says.

The music hits a final note and the Bud Light logo appears. On the brand's YouTube page, the ad is titled "Our Hero, Jeff Adams." 

Bud Light Vice President Andy Goeler said Adams was a hero for saving his beers.

"We were so inspired by the athleticism of Jeff Adams, we knew we had to reward him for his act of heroism in not spilling one drop of his Bud Lights. This is the first time we’ve featured a Bud Light fan in a nationally-televised commercial, and he’s the perfect guy to represent baseball and Bud Light fans across the country," Goeler said in a statement.

There's no plan yet for the ad to run during Game 7, a Bud Light spokeswoman said Wednesday. 

The company flew Adams and a guest to Game 6 in Houston and covered their expenses, the spokeswoman said. They were set to attend Game 7 on Bud Light's dime too. 

The company did not respond to an inquiry about whether Adams was paid for the ad. He didn't respond to inquiries by News4 earlier this week. 

At Game 5, Adams told The Washington Post he was likely bruised but that the hit didn't hurt too much.

"Listen. It’s a World Series baseball. I didn’t feel anything," he said.

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