Boy, Puppy Recovering After Pit Bulls Attack

10-year-old boy was walking his 8-week-old puppy when two pit bulls escaped their leashes in Germantown

A 10-year-old boy is recovering from scratch and bite wounds after he and his puppy were attacked Saturday afternoon while the two were on a walk.

According to the boy’s mother, who spoke only to News4, her son Max was walking in the 12400 block of Quailwoods Drive in Germantown Saturday with his eight-week-old puppy when two pit bulls escaped from their leashes.

“My son started running. I guess he wanted to go inside the house and he couldn’t do it,” said Daisy Cardenas. “They attacked the dog, and my son, right there in the street.”

Cardenas told News4 that one of the dogs wasn’t on a leash.

“The two dogs had the little puppy [in their] mouth,” Carnedas said.

Cardenas said when she heard the screaming, she and two neighbors quickly tried to get the dogs away. One used a broom to scare the dogs, the other sprayed water from a hose.

The puppy, named Drake, has broken legs and a broken jaw.

“I want this to be an opportunity to all the people who have pit bulls to please be responsible,” Cardenas pleaded. “If you can’t hold them tight, please don’t be outside with them. They’re very dangerous.”

Montgomery County police took the two pit bulls away. Cardenas said she plans to file a civil lawsuit against the owner of the dogs.

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