B'more Cops Accused of “Wire”-like Stunt

Detectives allegedly left teen in state park

Two Baltimore police detectives are accused of leaving a teenage boy in Howard County's Patapsco Valley State Park, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Detectives Milton Smith III and Tyrone Francis have been suspended pending an investigation by the department's internal affairs division, according to the Sun.

The accusations bear a resemblence to a stunt perpetrated by fictional Baltimore police officers in the HBO series "The Wire." In the sixth episode of the show's third season, two officers "dump" a number of young drug dealers in a wooded area well outside the city. Before driving off, the fictional officers tell the youngsters to use the North Star to find their way back to Baltimore.

The real-life teen, who is not accused of any crime, was eventually picked up by police near a gas station outside the park and driven home.

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