Bethesda Teen Packs Pellet Gun in Backpack

Police say security officer discovered gun at Walt Whitman High School

A Bethesda teenager is facing charges after police say he brought a pellet gun to school.

Walt Whitman High School sent a letter to parents on Tuesday informing them that a security officer had found an air gun and pellets inside a student's backpack.  Two students also reported seeing the weapon.

This incident comes just weeks after several other students were caught with a stun gun at Walt Whitman.

“In both cases, nobody intended to do any harm, but something accidental could have happened,” school principal Alan Goodwin told NBC Washington.  “To think that they can carry any kind of facsimile weapon to school is absurd, but they see it on TV and they want to show off that they’ve got something similar.  It’s an uphill battle for us and it’s good when the students help us out.”

The student accused of carrying the pellet gun has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school property.

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