Beautiful Day Caps Off a Searing July

Today's temperatures will stay comfortably within the 60s and 70s, according to NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell. But if the weather nudges the thermometer just a little higher today, this July may wind up being the hottest July on record.

The current record-holder for the hottest July in Washington is this month -- for the moment. The average temperature for the month is 83.2 degrees. That beats the previous record for the hottest July: 83.1 degrees, set in 1993.

But there is still some July left to go before the record question is settled. There is  time enough in this cool day for the average temperature to fall. By the end of the day, July 2010 could tie July 1993 for the top slot -- or even lose by a narrow margin.

Whether the weather stays hot enough today to firm up July records, it will remain lovely throughout most of Washington all day. This evening may bring rain. A 30 percent chance of rain today will turn into a 70 percent chance of rain on Sunday -- so get out and enjoy the weather now.

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