Columbia Heights

Barrage of Bullets Unnerves Columbia Heights Residents

"I’m from Canada — I assume it’s fireworks. I don’t assume it’s gunfire"

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A video clip shot inside a D.C. home shows a cozy scene and a Christmas tree — but gunshot after gunshot can be heard outside. 

A barrage of bullets jolted Columbia Heights residents Monday night. They heard the rapid gunfire at 14th and Fairmont streets NW. 

A resident who asked to go only by RoRo recorded the sound of gunshots from inside her home. She said she backed away from the window when she heard it. 

“It’s unfortunate that we all have to live with this sort of violence,” she said. 

Resident Katie Simpson, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter, said she heard the shots too. 

“I’m from Canada — I assume it’s fireworks. I don’t assume it’s gunfire. I heard a rapid succession — pop pop pop pop pop,” she said. 

No information was released by police on whether the shots injured anyone. Remnants of police tape could be seen, and a vehicle possibly had been hit. 

Resident Gus Ventura said that after 20 years on Fairmont Street, he was all too familiar with the sound of shots. 

“If you see anything suspicious starting to go down, it’s better to step inside,” he said. 

Simpson, the Canadian journalist, said she was on guard. 

“This is big-city America and it’s very different for me. I don’t know what to make of it. it’s certainly unnerving,” she said. 

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