Baby Listed for Sale on Craigslist

No actual baby appears to be involved

Imagine searching for a baby crib or perhaps a high chair on Craigslist, when suddenly you stumble upon this: “2-month-old female for sale.”

Unfortunately, that is exactly what several visitors to the site saw on Friday. According to the Washington Post, several people called police and Craigslist pulled the listing shortly after it was posted.

The Post says the following pitch was used in the ad:

"we had a kid but we just can't handle it right now in our lives. she is up to date on her vaccinations medical records will be provided. we have been calling her Juliet but you can rename her if you want. sorry if you think this is wrong but we think the best way of insuring a happy life for her is to give her to an affluent couple that wants to have kids enough [sic] to pay for it. pics on request."

Fairfax County police were able to trace the posting back to a home in Annandale, Va., with the help of an IP address from Craigslist. According to the Post, when police entered the home on Happy Heart Lane they removed computers, and Xbox gaming console and several data storage devices, but there was no baby or any indication of a baby ever being present at the home.

No charges have been filed but the Post reports that the investigation will continue because adoption laws in Virginia prohibit anyone from accepting payment for a child.

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