Ask Liz: Flood Damage, Whitewall Tires & CFL Bulbs

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Are home renters covered for damage caused by flooding?

The Insurance Information Institute told us that:

  • Flood damage is usually NOT covered… even if you have renter’s insurance.
  • Just like homeowner’s insurance, renters can buy a separate policy from the National Flood Insurance Program and from a few private insurers.
  • And there is typically a 30-day waiting period from date of purchase before the new policy goes into effect.

Why are car manufacturers no longer putting whitewall tires on cars?

Brigestone Americas Tire Operations says:

  • The move from whitewall tires to blackwall tires began many years ago.
  • Vehicle manufacturers choose a specific tire style as part of the overall look of a car.
  • The current styling trend is a high rim diameter tire with black sidewalls.
  • Since the car manufacturers also drive replacement tire sales, the demand for whitewall tires is decreasing every year.

How do you clean up a broken CFL bulb, and how do you properly dispose of a CFL after it burns out?

The Environmental Protection Agency says there are important guidelines to follow:

  • Before cleaning up a broken bulb, air out the room for at least 15 minutes as a precaution.
  • Next, carefully scoop up glass fragments using stiff paper or cardboard and place them in a glass jar or a sealed plastic bag.
  • Finally, place all clean-up materials and the bulb pieces outdoors in the trash.
  • For burnt out bulbs that aren’t broken, the EPA recommends that consumers take advantage of local recycling centers.
  • However, if your state environmental regulatory agency permits putting CFLs in the trash, seal the bulb in two plastic bags and put it in the outside trash.
  • For more information about CFLs and to find recycling centers near you, visit the Energy Star FAQ page.

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