Another Bullet Fired Into a Sterling Home

For the second time in a month, a bullet has been fired into a home in Sterling, Va.

The incidents are miles apart, but residents are shaken.

In the latest incident, a bullet was shot into the upper level of a townhome. Neighbor Nina Allen described hearing an unusual loud boom followed by a metallic click but didn’t realize what it was.

The bullet passed through the bedroom wall and bathroom wall before shattering the glass shower door. That loud noise drew the resident's attention, investigators said. The homeowner didn't realize what caused the damage until finding a spent bullet in the toilet seat cover while cleaning up the damage, authorities said. When the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office responded, they went door to door but didn’t learn where the bullet came from.

Earlier this month about six miles away, a Sterling resident was startled to see a bullet come through her dining room wall one Saturday afternoon and almost hit her dog.

Investigators haven't solved that mystery but do not believe the two incidents are connected.

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