Abuse Allegations Rock Northern Virginia Church

Abuse allegations are rocking a Northern Virginia church, as former members claim they were physically and sexually abused.

Sunday, protesters took to the streets outside Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia. Meanwhile, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has confirmed it's investigating claims the church.

The claims of abuse against Calvary Temple leaders and church members range from verbal to physical and sexual. Former church members are going so far as to call Calvary Temple a cult. Some of the alleged victims first opened up to the Loudoun Times. Since then, several more have come forward.

Among them is Kaitlin Skeeters, formerly Kaitlin Scott, a former church member who is also the pastor's estranged adopted granddaughter.

Skeeters, now 24, told News4 that she endured years abuse within her own family, and says she was ignored by other church members.

"I was tired of being hit and punched and thrown into walls, and thrown down stairs," she said. "And I was tired of being dropped off on the side of the road and forced to walk all the way to work."

"It sounds twisted, but it just becomes all that you know," she said.

At age 16, Skeeters left home and the church, with the help of family friends. She now lives out of state, but didn't want to say where.

"And I left, and I have discovered that, you know, I am beautiful and I am strong, and there is nothing wrong with me like this church makes you believe," she said. "And I hope all the young girls know that."

No charges have been filed in the case. Deputies say the investigation is ongoing, and are asking other alleged victims to come forward.

Church leadership has not yet commented on the allegations.

Community member Samantha Haas is organizing a peaceful protest for this weekend. Haas has lived in Sterling her whole life, but her only ties to Calvary Temple is through friends.

Since the Loudoun Times first reported the claims, Haas has fielded calls from several alleged victims.

"Somebody has to give them a voice, and demand that things are done," she said.

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