Absentee Ballots Missing Critical Page

With two weeks left until the election, the News4 I-Team is uncovering ballot problems in Maryland.

We got a tip from a Maryland voter who says his absentee ballot arrived in the mail missing an entire page.

That means he couldn’t vote on some of the most talked-about ballot issues, including Question 6 on same-sex marriage, Question 7 on expanded gambling and all of his local county ballot initiatives.

We spoke to multiple election officials today.  The Maryland State Board of Elections Deputy Administrator Ross Goldstein confirmed that some absentee ballots in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties are missing the second page. 

He says the state is investigating what happened but stresses it’s a small number.

If you do have an absentee ballot, Goldstein urges you to make sure you have a complete ballot.  Double check that you have a second page with Questions 4-7 and all of your local county questions, which in Prince George’s County goes all the way to Question G.

We’re told it should be easy to get a new ballot if you do have a problem. But you need to call your local election board.  In Prince George’s County, call 301-430-8020.  In Montgomery County, call 240-777-8550.

If you notice voting problems, the News4 I-Team is on election patrol.  Email us at tips@news4iteam.com or give us a call at 202-885-4444.

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